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Built on a ten year history of Argentine Tango instruction in the Boston area, the New England Tango Academy offers an extensive program of classes and workshops to all levels of aspiring tango dancers.

The Academy

The mission of the New England Tango Academy is to provide an education that spans not only the myriad of dancing styles that make up Argentine Tango today, but also one that integrates a focus on the musical, cultural and historical aspects that make up the essence of the tango.
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We offer a comprehensive program of classes in Argentine Tango that runs six days a week. In addition to regular group classes, we cover topics such as solo technique and training, performance and choreography, and musicality. We also offer a tango-based aerobic exercise class and salsa lessons.
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Studio Location

We are located on the second floor at 620 Cambridge St. in Cambridge, MA, above the Boston Bed Company. The closest MBTA stops are Lechmere, on the green line, and Kendall Square, on the red line. We are also on the #69 bus route that runs between Lechmere and Harvard Square.
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