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Built on a common foundation established at the beginner level, our classes provide a comprehensive education on Argentine Tango, covering many styles and aspects of the dance and music. Whether you are looking for a new pastime or to pursue in-depth study, we provide the resources you need.


A brief summary of the Argentine Tango styles available at the academy follows.  For specific class descriptions and schedules, see the sidebar to the right.

1)    Club style (Milonguero): This is the style of social dancing found in the downtown Buenos Aires, especially suited for dancing in crowded milongas (tango parties).  It provides a strong foundation to approach tango. The music, rhythms, elegant walking, and embrace are the most important elements in this style.

2)    Salon: This is the social style of dancing in the neighborhoods of the Buenos Aires periphery. It is suited to dancing in larger dance halls and allows you to execute figures using more space. However, as in Club style the music, elegant walking, and embrace are the most important elements.

3)    Fantasia: This style is suited for social dancers who are proficient in both Club and Salon. The movement vocabulary is an extension of the previous styles with more complex figures, bigger movements (i.e. mid and high sacadas, combinations of turns, poses, etc.), as well as changes of dynamic and a flexible embrace from closed to open. This style as well as the Club and Salon are improvised.

4)    Choreography and Performance: As the name implies, this style is used in front of an audience, or on a stage.  As this is mostly choreographed, experience in social tango dancing is not strictly required; however, the fundamentals established in the Club, Salon and Fantasia styles greatly contribute to the quality of the end result. There are different situations for which choreography will be offered: a) in a choreography workshop for those who would like to experience learning and/or performing a choreography; b) a special dance for a wedding, party, private event, etc., to surprise friends and colleagues; c) for ballroom dancers who would like to expand their repertoire.

We are always available to help if you have any questions about the program. Please feel free to stop by and speak to any of the instructors if you would like more information or help determining the appropriate level of classes.

We also offer TangoFlow!®, an aerobic exericse program based on tango dancing, infused with movements from ballet, modern and jazz dance.  For more information and to register, please visit http://tangoflow.eventbrite.com.

And in partnership with Niche Acevedo of SalsaNiche, we offer salsa classes five days a week.  The schedule can be found at http://www.salsaniche.wordpress.com.

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