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New Series with Hsueh-tze (9/30-11/5)


5  TUESDAYS    (9/30 – 11/4, no classes 10/21) 
7:00 PM  CLOSE EMBRACE FUNDAMENTALS  (Adv. Beginners, Intermediate)
Skills for dancing comfortably within a close embrace.  Work on posture, balance, connection and dancing rhythmically & melodically within a shared axis.  Learn how to mark the music for classic figures which include salida variations, cortes, giros, milonguero-style ochos.  Pre-requisite:  3 Basic series or equivalent, facility with the cross system.  Limited Class Size.

8:30 PM  EXPERIENCED CLOSE EMBRACE  (Intermediate, Advanced Intermediate)
Dance the close embrace (apilado) style of Buenos Aires milongas.  Dance with distinct cadence to different orchestras.  Explore classic figures in small spaces and their innovative variations.  Figures may include giros, salida de 1940′s, sacadas, boleos, cambio de lado, cambio de frente, changes of direction.  Pre-requisite: Close Embrace Fundamentals (2 series or equivalent).  Limited Class Size.

5 WEDNESDAYS  (10/1 – 11/5, no classes 10/22) 
7:00 PM  BASICS  (All Levels & New Beginners)
Fundamentals of social tango with work on posture, partner connection and musicality.  Explore ways to dance comfortably from the start.  We will cover the technique for walks, crosses, runs, and how to improvise in parallel and cross systems.  (This course is a pre-requisite for all other Blue Tango classes.) 

8:30 PM  MILONGA  (Advanced Beginners, Intermediate) 
Learn how to dance to the rhythmic music of milonga with ease and precision, finding a relaxed connection for both the smooth milonga lisa and more rapid traspie.  Explore how milongueros use cadencia to dance a natural and effortless milonga.  Pre-requisite: 2 Basics series.

Tango Meets Kizomba! Fusion Workshops and Party Sept 20-21

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Join Noche Latina and M&M Tango for a wild weekend of innovative fusion workshops on traditional Argentine Tango and Kizomba, a vogue new Latin dance. 

A series of classes from basic to advanced will introduce each dance and demonstrate the common elements of these two sensual dances that share movements and common African roots.

In addition to a basic introduction to each, we will

(1) show how knowing Kizomba is a bridge to learning Tango,

(2) teach how tango dancers can quickly learn Kizomba basics, and

(3) demonstrate intermediate and advanced footwork, embellishments, and musicality that cross-over to take your dancing to the next level.


Saturday, 1:00 to 4:15 (Classes)

Sunday, 12:45 to 5:45 (Classes)

Sunday, 6:00 to 10:00 (Fall Equinox Party)


Class Schedule:

20 Sept 13:00 – 14:30 

Intro to Tango Basics for Kizomba dancers, lead and follow — Mixed levels

Intro to Kizomba

20 Sept 14:45 – 16:15

(1) Footwork and adornments for ladies and men (crossover for Kizomba or Tango) — Mixed levels

(2) Kizomba body position and connection

21 Sept 12:45 – 14:15

(1) Musicality: Rhythm and beat for dancers of Kizomba and Tango — Mixed levels

(2) Sayida footwork

21 Sept 14:30 – 16:00

(1) Beautiful Ochos (crossover for Kizomba or Tango) — Mixed levels ‘

(2) 21 Sept 16:15 –17:45 Fun with foot drags and Paradas (crossover for Kizomba or Tango) — Intermediate/advanced, or taken in sequence as part of the series


***Register via paypal to

*Full pass (five classes, including fusion dance party): Pre-registration discount (by noon Friday 9/19): $80 Door: $100 ]

*Single classes (your choice) Each $20 / $18 students with ID (Pre-registration for 3+ classes includes party cover charge and reserves your place. Pay for as many classes as you intend to take).

*Fall Equinox Dance Party $13 / $10 students with ID (free with full pass or 3+ classes)


Where: All events take place in the studios of The New England Tango Academy, 620 Cambridge St., Cambridge Parking: Street (Saturday, meters take quarters; Sunday free) Meter lot on Warren Street at corner of Cambridge Street (free Sundays) Nearest T Stations: Redline, Kendall and Central

New Beginner Series Thursday Sept. 18


Register here:

4 week series, 7-8:15PM

The beginner level is for those with absolutely no experience in tango or dancing, or those who want to review and polish basic technique. The beginner classes run in five week series, with new series starting every four weeks. The complete curriculum for the beginner class is spread over eight weeks, and can be completed by taking two consecutive series.

The goal of the beginner level classes is to provide the student with fundamental elements of Argentine Tango, including walking, the basic step, basic changes of direction, and forward and backward ochos. The proper embrace, balance, control, rhythm and basic lead or follow technique are introduced in this class as the main elements of the dance in order to improvise.

Please wear comfortable clothes (no dress code) and bring shoes with smooth soles.

Chacarera! Basics and Beyond

Chacarera ia a very popular Argentinean folk dance. It is danced mainly at folklore fiestas but also as a break at many milongas (especially in Buenos Aires).  It is super fun and flirty!  In this series, we will focus on everything you need to know to partake in the fun and flirty dance, while also offering a little something extra each week for those looking to take it to the next level!
Dates & Times: 
  • Mondays, Aug 11, 18, and 25th
  • 7:00-8:15pm
  • $17 per class (NETA standard pricing
  • suggested 3-class series price: $40
  • Use your NETA class card
  • Milton & Tilly

New Beginner Series July 2014


We will have 2 beginner series starting in July:

Tuesdays, starting July 22 (7PM)


Thursdays, starting July 17 (7PM)


We will also have a free beginner practice on Tuesday July 15, from 7 to 8:15PM.  Come by to work on the beginner steps or if you have missed a class and want to review!

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